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Great Realtors have your back

Whether helping clients buy or sell real estate, a REALTOR® can feel like they’re walking through a mine field, but as a client, you may never know it!!! That’s proof… you had a GREAT REALTOR®!

For Sale by Owner proponents entice prospective sellers with the idea that you can keep more money in your pocket by “saving” on commission, but is the headache really worth it? There are dozens of things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction, so it’s crucial to anticipate problems and work through them to minimize or eliminate their impact. That’s at the core of being a GREAT REALTOR®—a willingness to go the extra mile and a heart for people!

A GREAT REALTOR® will use their knowledge and skills to simplifying the process, working behind the scenes to make it seem easy! For this reason, the advantages of using a realtor are not always so apparent. Here are four crucial characteristics of a GREAT REALTOR® and the difference each can make:

1) ACTS AS A PERSONAL ADVOCATE - A GREAT REALTOR® will put themselves in your shoes and do everything possible to earn your respect with the hope of winning you over as a repeat customer! They’ll work hard to understand your position and give you the information you need, such as how to best prepare a property to sell or let you know about new properties before they hit the market!

2) PROTECTS YOUR INTERESTS - As a client, if you start to feel cornered or don’t know how to respond, you can direct questions toward your REALTOR® who will have the experience to handle it properly. A GREAT REALTOR® will help keep you focus, such as looking within your target price range or making sure your “must haves” are included in properties you’re look at. If you’re selling, A GREAT REALTOR® will make sure you know your property’s competitive price point and work hard to get a top dollar offer!

3) PROVIDES ACCESS TO INSIDER KNOWLEDGE - While you may have bought or sold a house or two and learned quite a bit, imagine the experience a REALTOR® has going through the process hundreds of times! A GREAT REALTOR® is an experienced agent. So ask lots of questions and utilize their understanding of the local market to learn what’s typical and what’s not! PLUS, a GREAT REALTOR® will have access to a large network of preferred business partners to get the job done right and on time!

4) OFFERS PERSONAL MEDIATION - You’ll have a personal spokesperson to negotiate ALL the details, which means it will be much easier to make wise real estate decisions when you don’t have to deliver the information. It’s easy to want not only the best price, but require all the little extras too! Or maybe you’re tempted to walk away from an offer that seems totally unreasonable. A GREAT REALTOR® will keep you grounded advising you of your options, predicting how the other party might respond to a counter offer and present your wishes in such a way as to yield the best chance of acceptance!

The Bottomline: Having a GREAT REALTOR® work for you can literally save you thousands of $$$ plus keep you from unnecessary loss of sleep and stress! To make such a difference requires constant learning, serious dedication and a true heart for people. By hiring a GREAT REALTOR®, your back will be covered as you have access to a gold mine of resources to help you achieve your real estate goals!

Lori Oaks is a top-tier REALTOR® with Hawkeye Real Estate and has been in the business for over 30 years.

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