Rental Assistance Resources

Are you having problems paying your bills? Life happens and we have all found ourselves in situations where it is a struggle to pay our bills. If you have had unexpected bills or a change in jobs and are having problems paying your rent the first thing you need to do is call Chris Roach at (641) 660-2259. Communication is key! Explain your situation and see if you can make a late or partial payments on a specified date.

Below is a list of several organizations in town that offer emergency assistance with rent, utilities, food, etc. 

May provide up to $200 for rent or deposit and up to $100 for utilities.
408 S 11th St
Phone: (641) 676-3750
Provides assistance with rent, utilities, medical expenses, and food.
301 1st Ave E
Phone: (641) 672-2625
Potential financial assistance for rent & deposit.
Phone: (641) 672-670-0717
Provides assistance with utility bill (with shut-off notice) and rent (with eviction notice).
109 N 3rd St
Phone: (641) 672-1867
Financial Management
109 N 3rd St
Phone: (641) 672-1867
Possible emergency crisis assistance for utilities (lights and gas) with disconnect notice. 
114 N Market
Phone: (641) 673-8609
Email: / Website: