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Quick Fixes

to  Help Get your Home Sold!

To attract buyers, you (as a seller) must up the ante to convince them that your property offers what many want most - top value for dollar expended. Here are eight fast fixes:

1) Buff up curb appeal.  You've heard it before, but it's critical to get buyers to want to look on the inside. Seek to be objective. Check landscaping, front door area, windows, house number... Does anything need attention? Then add something special or unique such as a plant or antique outdoor item. This will help buyer remember house A from house B.

2) Enrich with color.  Paint's cheap, but forget the adage that it must be white or neutral. Just don't get Avant-Garde with jarring pinks, oranges and purples. Instead choose soft colors that say "welcome." and lead your eye from room to room. Think soft yellows and pale greens. Tint ceilings a lighter shade.

3) Upgrade the kitchen and bathroom. These make-or-break rooms can spur a sale. Besides making each one squeaky clean and clutter free, consider updating pulls, sinks and faucets. To make an extra statement, think about adding a decorative mirror in the bathroom or updating kitchen appliances.

4) Add old world charm to an older home with crown molding or dentil detailing
(small tooth-shaped blocks used as a repeating ornament). Be sure to
consider the ceiling height and architectural compatibility.

5) Screen hardwood floors.  Buyers favor wood over carpet, but refinishing is costly and time-consuming. As an alternative, check out screening, which cuts dust, time & expense. It involves a light sanding - not a full stripping of color or polyurethane - then a finish coat. 

6) Clean out and organize closets. Get sorting - organize your piles into "Don't Need," "Haven't Worn" and "Keep." Closets should be only half-full so buyers can visualize their stuff inside. 

7) Update window treatments. Buyers want light and views, not dated, fancy drapes that darken. To diffuse light and add privacy, consider energy-efficient shades and blinds. 

8) Fix problems before listing.  Do this to show buyers that your home has been maintained, and have receipts available if there are any questions.

Source: REALTOR Magazine. (2008)

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