Lori Oaks
Lori Oaks

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Hi! I’m Lori Oaks, a top-tier realtor at Hawkeye. With nearly 30 years of experience, I know what it takes to help you achieve your goals whether they're residential, a lot, or commercial!  


Recent changes in the real estate marketplace have made both buying and selling much more complex, and I’ll be there to guide you each step of the way answering all your questions.


Lean on my experience to help take away the stress of buying or selling and make the whole process seem EASY!! Give me a call or contact me today. I’d love to help you find your next home!!

BACKGROUND: Originally from West Virginia, Lori & her husband Larry moved to Oskaloosa in 1984. In her free time Lori enjoys anything outdoors especially golfing, boating and walking her two dogs.

Best thing about living in central Iowa?

The changing seasons! Though I don't care for winter, I love spring, summer & fall and how each one has it's own beauty!

Favorite memory from your career as a realtor.

It would have to be in 2014 when I sold the highest volume for the year. My mom (who has since passed on) was always my biggest fan; she was so proud of my achievement and attributed it to lots of hard work.

Be a proud parent. Tell us about your kids.

Our daughter, Nicole is 26 and works at an accounting firm in Oskaloosa. Our first grandchild, Ella was  born last December 5th.

If you weren't a realtor, what would you be doing?

Photography... photo journalism and landscapes would be my focus. Growing up in West Virginia, there wasn't money to pursue that dream so perhaps one day I'll have the time to develop my talent!

Which of these three do you do the most? Read, watch TV or listen to music

Definitely MUSIC!  Always have a radio on or music playing wherever I am.