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First Time Home Buyer Programs

Purchasing a home is quite possibly the largest purchase you will ever make. Below are a few programs for which you may be eligible.

Take Credit Mortgage Credit Certificate – The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) announced this for first-time home buyers to reduce federal tax liability up to $2,000 per year for the life of their mortgage. To qualify, first time home buyers must receive mortgage financing through an Iowa Finance Authority Participating Lender.

FirstHome  – This program offers first-time home buyers a state-sponsored affordable fixed-rate mortgage while permitting you to work with a trusted local lender.

FirstHome Plus  – This is a grant designed to be used in conjunction with the FirstHome Program and provides up to $2,500 to qualified first-time home buyers to assist with closing costs or a down payment.

Homes for Iowans  – First-time home buyers are offered a program with fewer mortgage fees and an affordable 30-year fixed interest rate that doesn’t change based on your credit rating.

Homes for Iowans Plus  – When used with the above program, this grant can beam up to $2,500 in assistance for closing costs or a down payment for qualified first-time home buyers.

Military Homeownership Assistance  – Provides eligible service members and veterans with a $5,000 grant that may be used toward down payment and closing costs. Grant subject to one-time use.

These programs could mean big savings for you if eligibility requirements are met. Learn more at or contact your financial institution.



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